Jorge Marcoux - SEO Consultant

Hi! My name is Jorge Marcoux

I sometimes hesitate to call myself an SEO “expert” since Search Engine Optimization is more of an OBSESSION to me. I am also a front-end web developer, an intellectual, an avid reader and a Football (or soccer) lover!

What makes me different from other SEO experts and agencies?

I understand what Google really wants and what users are looking for. So, when you optimize a site for user intent and Google’s increasing AI, you get a high quality long-term trusted website. I always look for white-hat, long-term SEO strategies, website security and conversion.

I also specialize in measuring the effectiveness of everything I do online, so by working with me you can expect very detailed reports.

In regards to my personal life, I am really into meditation (to improve the way my brain and mind work) and into other spiritual and personal growth practices that help me become a better human being.

I live in Beautiful Quebec, Canada but I was born and raised in Mexico.

I speak English, French and Spanish

If you are looking for a Quebec City SEO expert or if you live anywhere else and you would like me to check your website to see how you can improve your rankings, you can contact me HERE.